A Look at Casino Raiders Sequel No Risk, No Gain Movie

Another one of Hong Kong’s particular style of gambling related movie themes is found in this movie, No Risk, No Gain. A sequel following the movie Casino Raiders this one too involves conmen, gambling and reliable action comedy experience. Written by famous Hong Kong screenwriter Wong Jing this film stars some repeating characters from the first instalment plus some popular Hong Kong film stars to portray the characters.

This includes names like Andy Lau, Alan Tam and Natalis Chan. The tale follows a gambling contest between two rivals that results in subterfuge, treason, murder and an exciting wager. The elements are there for a rather thrilling tale, but whether this 1990 Hong Kong film can fully deliver remains largely up to the individual viewer.

A Rough Look at the Plot

Being a sequel the storyline is a little tricky to simply dissect and separate. However a loose guideline as to the basic events that transpire is always possible and for this action driven film the individual events were a large part of the experience. Essentially the protagonist Ray is challenged by Cheung, the antagonist, in a wager.

Whilst this is more forced than requested things immediately take a turn and on the way to this challenge Ray is conned and his identity stolen by two conmen who want to go and play the wager. Things begin to unfold and Ray realises what has happened and goes to the event to interrupt them. However Ray decides to rather allow his impersonator to continue until eventually more bad guys surface and try and kill them all. Making for quite a scene in the movie No Risk, No Gain.

There is a fair amount of action in this movie, with a lot of infighting happening in both camps and causing quite a stir throughout the movie. There are several struggles for power but ultimately the good guys win, Ray befriends the characters that impersonated him and those characters also win at the wager competition and vow to challenge Ray at it in a year’s time. This turns the wager into almost a battle, which is quite an interesting and unique way if integrating betting into a film and story. The upside about this film for the Western world is that it is available in English should it be required.

About the Cast and Film Industry Betting

No Risk, No Gain features an impressive Hong Kong film industry cast, with the like that of Andy Lau who has appeared in over 100 films and was voted as the best box office actor in Hong Kong from 1985 to 2005, a very successful 20 years. The other cast members are also well versed in the industry and so delivery through the screen was pretty well done.

As far as betting goes regarding the film industry, there are a lot of perks to including it into the storyline, like the inherent action involved, the interest in the craft globally and just the moral and emotional tangents that then become available to the writers through this incorporation.

Nicholas Grey