An Introduction to Dragon Drop Online Casino Slot

Who doesn’t love dragons? Whether they are burning crops or puffing smoke, we all have a soft spot for the mythical reptiles. Dragon drop features dragons that fall into the latter category; they don’t look like they are going on a pillaging spree any time soon. Unless they can lose some weight. This slot is a fun one, who special features are all based around the wilds.

The story line focuses on you being a Knight from the local castle who is supposed to go and slay all the dragons, but once you meet them and they start earning you money I guaranty you will have no urge to do this.  Dragon Drop is a five reel twenty five payline slot, and is pretty simple with only two bonus features both involving wild symbols. Dragon Drop is also available on mobile devices. This is a no download slot, which means that you do not have to save it on your device, you can simply play it straight from your web browser.

Smoke Puffing Graphics and Theme

This slot may be set a long time ago when the landscape was dotted with castles and patrolled by mounted knights, but the graphics are delightfully modern. All the symbols are animated, and jig happily when forming part of a winning combination. As in some slots at, the graphics are crisp and 3D, and look good on a small or a large screen. The base symbols are Nine to Ace, and finding three to five identical ones will award you with between five and 200 times your stake.

The rest of the symbols are cartoon style, but are fun and don’t get boring. On your reels you will be required to rescue some sheep before the dragons find them, and be rewarded with 250 times your stake for five of them. Peasant farmers with buckets for helmets and pitchforks will award you with the same amount for five of them. Local castles need to be protected too from being burnt to the ground, and fittingly are worth a quite decent 500 times your stake for five of them. The biggest win with the regular symbols comes in the form of the Dragon’s Gold treasure chests, which are worth 5000 times your stake for five of them. This is a pretty high volatility slot, so once you are on a winning streak with the symbols you are likely to stay on it.

Wild Dragons

The main features of Dragon Drop are all based around wild symbols; the dragons themselves. The regular Wild Dragon symbol can be found on reels two three and four and will take the place of any other symbol in the game except the scatter. The scatters award a player with up to 100 times your stake for five of them. Three scatter symbols also get you eight free spins in the Sticky Dragon Bonus, which means that if any dragons appear during this round they will stick to reels and stay there for the duration. The dragons on the top pokie reels will also drop down onto the lower ones randomly to initiate the Dragon Dropping bonus, changing to a dragon wild when they do so.

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