Basic Information That You Must Know About Casino Slots

Casino slots, or pokies, are found as a staple in casinos across the globe, both virtual and real world. They involve simply pulling a lever, or clicking “spin,” and having a number of icons spinning until becoming stationary. If a certain series of icons line up, it means a win, if none line up, it is a loss.

Which icons have to line up to achieve a win, and whether the sequence can be horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal, depends on the game. Certain icons mean bigger payouts, and there is generally a jackpot sequence, which means an enormous payout.

Themes And Styles

Casino slots, or pokies, often have a colourful theme. These themes normally have little to do with the actual game, other then offering flavour or specific bonuses, represented with icons that correlate to the theme. The themes may be classic Egyptian or tropical in nature, or may be from well-known movies or series, having icons that appear as the characters.

Some modern online slots even use popular cartoons and anime characters as their icons, and animate the icons for extra effect. Whatever the theme, the rules are always the same; take your spin and hope the icons stop with the correct series showing.

Bonuses And Special Offers

A huge variety of bonuses, special features, and extras are offered, depending on the game. Traditional casino slots, or pokies, used fruit as their primary icons, with three bananas, three pineapples, or other variations, equalling a win, and three cherries being a bigger payout. Variations on the rules may mean that two cherries, or equivalent, in sequence, are a payout. Alternatively the sequence may payout with a free extra spin, or may mean a compounded point that carries over to the next spin, for a potential larger win later.

There are a number of variations on these bonuses. Which combinations of icons grant which type of bonus, and what kind of payout is given for each win, is dependent on the game. But, generally, these bonuses and payouts are clearly illustrated to the player, in both virtual and real world casinos. If there is confusion, a casino support team is normally standing by for further explanation.

Horizontal, Diagonal, And Vertical Winning

Modern casino slots, or pokies, may show more then just three icons per spin. Winning opportunities may be possible with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal matches. To be granted these winning opportunities, the player generally has to insert more coins, or pay more upfront, but has a higher chance of achieving a win. This varies from game to game, but in general, another coin inserted, or another click of the mouse or tap of the screen, opens up another winning angle.

Chances Of Winning At Casino Slots

The chances of winning are variable, but the game is considered to be one which requires no skill which means that winning is totally by chance, as apposed to poker or blackjack where player skills can greatly effect the outcome. In slots, simply put, the player can do little to sway the winning odds one way or another, besides betting the maximum number of coins on all the paylines.

Nicholas Grey