Sports Bets

Biggest Sports Bets that Paid Off

Sports betting is a lucrative industry and many find their thrill and fortune there. It can, however, not always be a smooth ride, and sometimes hitting big bucks is harder to do than thought. That said, there are numerous occasions where sports bettors got extremely lucky, placing a small to medium bet and walking away with a grand pay out. Here are some of the biggest sports bets that paid off favourably to the bettor.

Angola Versus Mali

In January 2010, Angola was leading 4-0 to Mali in the Africa Cup of Nations. It was towards the end of the game that a bettor placed a five-pound bet on Mali.  Surprisingly, Mali turned their luck in the last 16 minutes of the game and the ambitious sports bettor walked away with five thousand pounds.

Super Bowl Bets

Jona Rechnitz placed a $1000 bet on a Safety as the first score of the Super Bowl XLVI, of which only 7 have been scored in the entire Super Bowl history. The odds he placed the bets with was 50:1. And he won, walking away with $50 000.

Golf Endurance

A professional poker player named Erick Lindgren made a prop bet with friends. The bet was that he had to play four rounds of golf in a row on one day in the Las Vegas heat, carrying his own clubs, walking the entire way, shooting from pro-level tees, and managing to score under 100 in all of the four rounds he played. If he were to succeed, he would win $340 000. He won.

The 2011 World Series

In 2011, a St Louis fan placed a $250 bet on the St Louis Cardinals making the World Series, with the odds standing at 500 to 1. He then placed another $250 bet on that the St Louis Cardinals would actually win the World Series, with the odds of this at 999 to 1. He got lucky, the Cardinals won, and the fan walked away with $375 000.

The Ascot Racecourse

Darren Yates, avid sport gambler, placed a bet that the famous jockey Frankie Dettori would ride the winning horse in each of the seven races at the Ascot Racecourse. He paid just over $100 to place his bet, enjoyed the afternoon with his friends, and returned later to find that his bet had indeed paid off and he walked away with over $860 000. The history was about to repeat itself when he participated in Melbourne cup betting competitions

Saratoga Superfecta

In 2008, two bettors purchased tickets at ten US cents each, betting on the four horses that will come first in a race in Saratoga Springs. They walked away with $760 000 each which is more than the winnings of any AFL premiership betting.

Betting on Xabi Alonso

In July 2005, Adrian Hayward placed a $313 bet that Liverpool player Xabi Alonso would score a goal from his end of the field, at some point during the FA Cup season. The odds of this happening were calculated at 125 to 1. The next January, exactly this happened, Hayward’s bet was still valid, and he walked away with over $43 000.

Nicholas Grey