Bringing You the Ideas to Having a Vegas Style Party

It’s a place like no other, glamorous nightlife, heavy-duty money clips and quickie drive by weddings. Las Vegas is a worldwide attraction for gaming entertainment at its finest, loaded with a multiplicity of gaming options and other various activities in and around the destination, getting to Las Vegas is not always an easy task.

If you are in quest of the ultimate entertainment party, I am sure you have already considered a Vegas themed party.

A Vegas themed blow out is one of the best casino themed parties available. A Las Vegas evening offers you the style, fashion, glitz and glamour associated with the gaming mega park. High rollers and party animals alike consider Vegas the home of entertainment, for the best party experiences on the planet.

Bringing Vegas home is more than possible with various props and other accessories to kit your home out as a little representation of the entertainment hub.

Get the Games

The games on offer in Las Vegas casinos are bright and bold; you should keep in mind that your interpretation of Vegas and focus should be on creating an entertaining evening. The best form of entertainment is simplistic fun that everyone can participate in, much like games at casino.

If you are considering throwing a Vegas themed party, consider keeping your games simple and appropriate. Offer games that will suit a wide variety of people, but maintain the fun element. If you are on a budget; use games that require little to no equipment and basic supplies such as blackjack, roulette or poker.

Deck the Halls

Decorations in your home Vegas party should mimic the flare of Vegas whilst conforming to the boundaries of your home.  One of the easiest ways to make your guests feel important and V.I.P status in your home is to setup a red carpet with velvet rope.

Get creative with the event and get someone to take photos of the guests as they enter your party, giving it that glamour style event status. Giant dice can be made from cardboard, and be used to fit around your light fittings. Cut out the holes of the dice for light to permeate through leaving a disco dice effect in the room.

Convert your door to a giant card, paint any suite and number on the door to make it look like a giant playing card. This is a quick tip that will round off the theme of the night, and leave guests paying attention to the smaller details of your Vegas themed party.

On the Menu

Anybody looking to serve up a Vegas themed party at home doesn’t need a personal chef. You can accomplish a truly authentic Las Vegas experience with the right kind of foods and colours. Serve red, black and white food to tie into the overall theme of the night. Jelly shots work well as they come in a variety of colours, and can be moulded to a variety of casino related objects.

Walk the Walk

Your dress code is the single most important factor in pulling off a fully-fledged Vegas themed party at home. Send out invitations that ask your guests to dress formally. Classic black suits and ties/bowties for the gentleman and elegant gowns for the ladies are the order of the day in Las Vegas.

Nicholas Grey