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Finding Super Rugby Betting Odds

One can hardly mention the game of rugby without also mentioning the infamous All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team notorious for wreaking havoc on the field. Rated as one of the best teams in the world, New Zealanders are justified in being extremely passionate about the game. One of the tournaments in which the All Blacks have been known to perform exceptionally well is the Super Rugby tournament, previously known as the Super 14 tournament, which includes many of the best teams from across the globe.

The Super Rugby tournament features rugby teams from the Southern Hemisphere, most notably from other top rugby countries such as Australia and South Africa. There is much hype around the tournament, with millions of viewers around the world. It is also very common for bets to be placed on the Super Rugby tournament, given that the games are so passionately fought by incredibly skilled teams. Those who do bet on the tournament generally do so online. One question that is often asked, however, is how to find the best Super Rugby betting odds when placing a bet.

Internet Combing

It is good practice to spend time looking around the internet at various bookmakers when trying to find the best Super Rugby betting odds. There are a number of online bookmakers available in New Zealand, all of which may provide odds as they see fit. The various websites are also in fierce competition, and so will strive to offer the best Super Rugby betting odds possible. Searching manually can be a very time consuming task, however, so it is a good idea to go about things a bit more smartly.

There are many websites that provide the sole service of searching the internet for you. These websites will provide links to online bookmakers, and specify where the best Super Rugby betting odds can be found. Visiting these websites, as apposed to doing the searching yourself, is highly recommended as a time saver. It is best to visit more than one of these websites, however, as they tend to cover different online bookmakers.

More About Odds

Most who are involved with the best mobile betting apps already know the ins and outs of Super Rugby betting odds, and how they work. For those that might not be familiar, however, here is a quick explanation. Rugby Teams are assigned odds by the bookmaker, and will appear beside a team on a bookmaker’s website. They will read something such as 1/15. This number dictates not only the payouts that will be received if the bet is successful, but will also what the bookmaker perceives to be the chances of this team winning.

In the case of 1/15, the payout will be 15 to every 1 staked by the bet makers. So a $10 bet would payout $150. This is a good payout, but also means that the team is seen as unlikely to win, and so the bet is considered high risk. Keep in mind that Super Rugby betting odds may change drastically for each team as the tournament progresses, and should be watched closely.

Nicholas Grey