Judge Dredd Online Slot Described for Players

There are a few comic book heroes who have remained incredibly popular since their original inception many decades ago, and Judge Dredd is one of them. Known for living in a deeply disturbing vision of what the future might hold, Judge Dredd is a walking force of the law, able to act as judge, jury, and executioner.

His image has been seen in two movies, multiple video games, and scores of spin-off comics. And now, recently, the legendary Judge is also in a slots game.

Created by NextGen Studios, the Judge Dredd slot game is bursting at the seams with amazing graphics, incredible attention to detail, and a rocking soundtrack. Fans of the comic book will find plenty to be happy about here, and even those not familiar with the source material will be impressed by the game’s high production value. The game may not exactly be pushing any new ideas in terms of game play, but the game is definitely one worth taking a look at.

Visuals and Graphics

The background of the judge Dredd game is immediately impressive, even before getting into the main symbol designs. Showing a living aerial view of Mega City, one could get lost for hours staring into the detailed background image, every aspect of it seeming real enough that you might simply dive right into it, nose first. This is the mark of a game that has been created with real passion for the source material.

In terms of symbol designs, the Judge Dredd game like most internet slots at makes liberal use of its central character, and all his most iconic attributes. The Judge himself acts as a wild symbol, and upon being matched he will menacingly pound his palm with a truncheon. The animation quality is clearly professional, and one can only imagine how much work must have gone into giving Judge Dredd life. Some of the other symbol designs include Dredd’s gun, his gloved fist, and his badge. In terms of value Dredd is the most valuable symbol, as well as being the wild, and will match up to 5 times for enormous payouts.

Special Features

You couldn’t have a Judge Dredd game without having the man himself shoot a few things in the face. One of the unique features of the game is that Dredd may step into the game after a win and grant an extra bonus game of real money bingo, completely at random. During free spins, awarded via matching the scatter symbol, he will occasionally add wilds to the reels by means of shooting them. Bless that man and his magical gun.

The most interesting special feature in the Judge Dredd game is the Super Bet system. On the right of the play area is Dredd’s gun, which may be clicked or tapped at any time. Doing so will add wilds to the indicated reels, which greatly increases the chances of a win being achieved. The cost of the spin will also go up, making it an interesting balancing act between money spent and earned. It is a great addition to an already excellent game.

Nicholas Grey