Take a Look at Setting Up Casino Royale Party Games

A fantastic way to have some fun and engage in a little betting action, a casino themed party is a great way to get loved ones together, or even execute a fabulous fundraiser – not that you need a reason to throw a casino party. Throwing any party can be tough, especially with a theme that speaks of a British Secret Service agent with utmost precision.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks that centre on the games side of the night to ensure that you have the most exciting, enjoyable, and glamorous night you and your guests could possibly have!

Step into Money

The setting for your Casino Royale party is of course going to be based on your budget, however, whatever it may be we suggest that you get your venue out of the way quite some time before the event to ensure you don’t face any problems later on.

What’s more, a lot of places will offer discounts for early bookings, which means you could essentially afford to splash out on a slightly better venue, or even on your equipment or decor. After all, it’s not a Casino Royale party without the glitz and glamour of an actual casino. The games must therefor match your setup, so ensure that you have games that look the part. No tatty tables or chipped chips are going to work if you are creating a James Bond style event! Think of the quality of the tables in Vegas, or the sleek set up of the games in Monte Carlo and try and emulate that.

Get the 007 Look & Feel

When it comes to the decorations, feel free to explore the depths of your creativity to ensure people automatically feel the need to start saying their first name twice.

We understand that the thought of throwing a casino party immediately brings to mind a setting that would make Mariah Carey’s film Glitter look like an arts and crafts project. However, we sincerely advise that you resist the temptation and stick to the dark tones displayed in the movie if you really want your party to scream Casino Royale. Here are some of the things you can include on your games and eats tables to enhance the theme:

  • Oversized Playing Cards, Chips and Dice
  • Stack of (fake) money
  • Any Sign that Reads: ‘Get Lucky’
  • Mini cardboard game designs, such as a roulette wheel or baccarat table

What’s more, if you want your casino party to make your guests feel as though they’ve just walked onto the set of Casino Royale, or even feel like they’ve just played online (considering the way virtual technology is advancing today), you need to get the best equipment possible.

The Real Deal(er) Treats

When throwing a Casino Royale themed party, your games should ooze elegance. We suggest that you hire a dealer or croupier for the night, to add to the ambience. If you are on a tight budget ask one of your friends to play the part and see if they will learn a few shuffling tricks or similar.

While a party is fun no matter what, a Casino Royale party needs to have the right games, the right style and the right dealer (or pit boss if you think t may get rowdy!)

Nicholas Grey