Turning Your Home Into A Casino

When you think of a casino night out there are three predominant colours that pop into your head, red, black and white seem to be the order of lights flickering around you like the glitz and glam of Vegas itself. People are fascinated with casino themed parties because of the elegance and class associated with a casino environment. It’s easy to turn your home into a casino environment with hired help or even pristine bought casino decorations.

What about casino decorations that you can do yourself at home from everyday items? The following tips will help you transform your home into a gaming one stop for you and your guests, with simple homemade casino decorations and game ideas that are quick and cheap.

Making an Entrance

One of the best parts about going to a casino is arriving at the casino. You feel it instantaneously as the neon lights dance on your cheeks and the red carpet unravels itself in a straight fold to the Money seats.

Make your guests feel welcome with a brightly painted casino sign. You can personalize the sign with your own name or keep it classy with something like Villa Casino.

Use colourful themed balloons to add to the effect. You can also make your guests feel special with a diy red carpet affair, which can be made with some red paint and cardboard boxes.

Jazz It Up

Even though casino lounges usually sound like a mixture of lights and coins set on a round trip to the moon, it’s easy to accomplish the casino lounge feel at home. You can make diy casino decorations such as posters and playing cards from minimal items such as cardboard and paper.

If you’re struggling to bring out your inner artist for the perfect homemade casino decorations, you can always have playing cards and posters printed at your local printing shop. Paste the print outs on cardboard and drape netting from windows for a more intimate effect.

Create An Authentic Experience

Traditional casino games are always a winner for conventional casino parties. The games that you offer along with your casino decorations create an authentic casino experience. If you are in a budget or even if you have just decided to wing it and create homemade casino decorations for the fun of it, there are a number of alternative games to compliment your diy casino night.

Hosts making homemade casino decorations should consider alternative games including but not limited to highest bidder where prizes are awarded for most number of chips at the end of the casino night, gin rummy and even casino go fish with chips. These are simple games that will compliment a diy casino evening if that’s the feel you are after.

Include Prizes For Guests

Everybody loves winning and even if it’s something small make your guests feel apart of the experience with small tokens of appreciation. You can opt for homemade casino prizes or relatively inexpensive gestures such as:

  • Playing cards.
  • Gold covered chocolate coins.
  • Poker chip key chains.
  • Fuzzy Dice.
  • Gift Hampers.
  • Vegas souvenirs.
  • Light up tiaras.

Nicholas Grey