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World Urban Games Wagering Guide for Punters

The world is changing at a dramatic pace. Sports are no exception to the revolt that runs like a golden thread through the current generation of our youth. SportAccord has identified the need to incorporate the urban environment and its multi faceted dimensions that has given rise to an entirely new genre of high-octane sports.

The announcement of an entirely new set of official games is overdue as in today’s modern culture; arbitrary items such as words are made part of the English language quicker than a clap to a ping-pong ball. The World Urban Games are aimed at refreshing a sporting audience that has long dominated the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is a useful initiative that is set to revive a love for sport in our city dwelling, new age techno heads.

The World Urban Games are set to take place just after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. With a mixture between old and new age sports, optimistic punters will be delighted as the games will extend into an array of lucrative wagers on a distinct set of disciplines.

The Sporting Events

SportAccord has announced that the World Urban Games will feature a mixture of traditional games as well as new age Urban Games, that can be distinctly identified by the modern conventions of Urban creed.

The World Urban Games are set to include sporting favourites such as hockey, athletics, basketball and cycling.

New age sports incorporated into the program feature parkour, climbing, orienteering, air sports, street dance, skateboarding, intensified fist ball, dance and automobile races.

The World Urban Games strives to keep the modern concrete jungle on its toes by showcasing the most outrageous extremes in habitual city living. Further games on the roster include mini golf, cheerleading, eleven beach sports, ten water sports and two hybrid sports.

Wagering on the Games

The World Urban Games are set to radicalize modern sports and the standards held upon these newfound gems. With governing bodies and strict adherence codes the World Urban Games will provide punters with a box of chocolates to pick and choose from.

With seventeen official federations set to participate and that number steadily climbing, the World Urban Games are rapidly becoming an alternative to more traditional tournaments, with new and exciting wagering possibilities.

Useful Hints

Delivering a knock out punch is rare; punters at will need to keep steady toe balance and a keen eye out on the games. The World Urban Games is refreshingly new, this does mean that little to nothing will be known about current contenders.

Selecting a Winner

Place a wager on the outright winner of an event to maximize potential prizes. With a new set of games such as this, it would be wise to conduct a thorough research session of all competitors within the sporting discipline.

Total It Up

The World Urban Games will be an international sporting event. Place a wager on the country you expect to claim the most gold, silver or bronze medals within the tournament.

With a multiplicity of urban action and tradition set in a contemporary environment, the World Urban Games are set to feature potential winning opportunities on a host of platforms.

Rely on Old Favourites

With the tournament being an entirely new set of disciplines incorporating old traditional values, sports enthusiasts would be at an advantage to take it slow and watch the action unfold at a steady rate. The games will avail a multitude of possibility, rely on old favourite strategy in order to maximize potential winnings on the tournament.

Nicholas Grey